Lower for CES 2022: AMD, OnePlus and MSI will not be in their face-to-face edition

The trickle of companies of some relevance from the world of technology that are giving up going in person to the CES 2022, which begins next week in Las Vegas, is ongoing. Thus, the already confirmed losses of Amazon, AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Waymo, Meta, Intel, MobilEye or Lenovo, among others, have been joined, according to Engadget, three more: those of AMD, OnePlus and MSI.

All three have suspended their face-to-face events, and the activities and talks that they were going to carry out in person. All have done so due to the expansion and increase in cases of COVID-19 due to the Omicron variant. AMD has announced that it is going to change its activities in face-to-face format to other virtual ones, since according to what the company points out, it is the best for everyone’s health. The company was already going to present its products via streaming on the 4th.

For its part, OnePlus, which was rumored to be presenting its OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone at the fair, will also participate only virtually. As for MSI, it will hold its Gameverse event online, also scheduled for next day 4. In addition, it will feature with a virtual exhibition space between January 5 and 8.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Technology Association, the organizing body of the CES, still plan to hold the event in person, and believes that the health and safety measures they have decided to take are sufficient to protect attendees and exhibitors. He has also downplayed the cancellations, noting that there have been more companies that have joined the event than companies that have announced that they will not attend its in-person edition. Of course, the situation has changed in recent days. Now the concern is more related to the size, scale and importance of the companies that will attend the event, and not so much with their number. For now, LG, Samsung and Sony continue to maintain their presence.

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