Luca: the video of the two underwater statues installed in Monterosso in honor of the protagonists of the Pixar film

While Luca, the new movie Disney Pixar, has recently landed on Disney + making the happiness of millions of young subscribers (but also of those a little less young), to Monterosso, the town of the Cinque Terre in Liguria at the center of the film, were installed two underwater statues dedicated to the protagonists of the film.

The video of the underwater statues of Luca and Alberto installed in Monterosso

Inspired by Luca and Alberto, the young sea monsters protagonists of the adventure told in the film, the two statues were made by Italian craftsmen and engineers. Two and a half meters high, the statues were built with eco-sustainable fiberglass materials, and then painted with a sand-colored paint made from natural stone, thus respecting the marine habitat.

The same were then placed at a depth of 5 meters below sea level, not far from the shores of the beach of the town of Monterosso, immediately becoming a tourist destination for snorkelers and Disney film lovers.

Here is the video shared by the official YouTube channel of Disney Italia, which shows the two statues of Luca and the operations to place them under water:

Unfortunately (?), The two statues seem not to stay on the backdrop forever and will be removed at the end of the season (and if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll probably guess why).

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