Luna Display updates the application offering support for 5K and new PC to Mac mode

The Luna Display hardware allows us turn our iPad into a secondary screen for our Mac. But, in addition, since last October, it also allows you to use the iPad as a secondary screen of a PC managed by Windows.

The software that manages this dongle has just received a new update with which it reaches version 5.1, a version that introduces a series of important new features for all those users who use a Mac or PC as secondary equipment in addition to adding support for 5K resolution .

The first novelty offered by this new update is the possibility of using a Mac as a second screen for a PC. In this way, any iPad or Mac that we no longer use at home can become a second screen for both a PC and a Mac.

Along with PC-to-Mac support, Luna Display users, this new update offers support for 4K and 5K resolutions. This functionality is only available in the version with USB-C connection. It should be remembered that Luna Display is available in USB-C (PC and Mac) and Mini DisplayPort (Mac) and HDMI (PC) versions.

In addition, support has also been introduced to be able to use the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad on the iPad while it is used as a secondary display, in addition to an office mode for PC user and a teleprompter mode.

Luna Display, in its USB-C version, is priced at $ 129.99, and we can use it interchangeably on a PC or Mac. However, until tomorrow Friday, we can get hold of it with a 25% discount, being its final price $ 97.50 with free shipping.

If you don’t have a USB-C port, you can choose the model with Mini DisplayPort connection for Mac or HDMI for PC. Pricing is the same for all models, but some of the features such as 4K and 5K resolution display support only work through the USB-C version

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