M2 tests on Mac, data transfer on ports and much more. The best of the week in I’m from Mac

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We enter the last week of April with much desire and that is the rumors and news about the signing of Cupertino do not stop. This week was somewhat less intense than expected, but still did not disappoint. Apple continues to be one of the technology companies that generates the most rumors and news about its products, and in I’m from Mac we saw some of them. Today with everything on Sunday April 24 ahead we will see the highlights of the week.

Tests with the new Apple M2 processors are still commonplace. These M2 processors could be added to many more computers than we initially thought, the firm continues to carry out all kinds of tests with them.

All Thunderbolt ports do not support 10GB/s data transfer and this is something that is actually demonstrated in this article. Obviously this is normal considering the number of ports used for Macs and the number of Macs on the market, but it is important to be clear about this difference between Apple equipment.

brave is one of those browsers different we have available. This browser is safe, fast, has its own search engine independent of Google, and now it has just added a new privacy feature: it blocks Google’s AMP pages.

chinese suppliers

The Apple device production in China has been hanging in the balance for some time. And it is that the company’s dependence on this country and its factories is too much, which is why they have been trying to expand their production outside the country for a long time so as not to be so dependent.

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