Mac battery consumption, Apple Watch Wallet problems and much more. The best of the week in I’m from Mac

i'm from mac

One more week we want to share with all of you some of the highlights of this week on the web. Undoubtedly, the world’s news is a bit off at this time, but surely mid-February 2022 begin to appear.

In any case, the week is being quite calm, just like at the end of this month of January, which was not too extensive in terms of news rumors and other data from the Apple world. Without further ado let’s go with some of the highlights of this week in Soy de Mac.

The week starts complicated with a problem that they are experiencing some users with the battery consumption of Macs. It seems that some problem in the version of the operating system is affecting the usual consumption of these and finally the complaints appeared on the network.


Another problematic issue is that of Wallet with the Apple Watch. It seems that a small group of users are having problems with the latest version or rather the previous released version of watchOS and that is why Apple released an update this week.

The new version of watchOS arrived to correct this problem with Wallet and possibly other problems. Yes, Apple did not give up and launched a new version of the smart watch operating system a week after launching the previous one.

AirTag without speaker

Modified AirTags to track people for sale? It seems that this is the case, and this week we have seen a news story in which a web page showed these Apple locator devices to track people when they really This type of tracking is not allowed.

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