Mac battery repair prices increase starting in March

Repair MacBooc battery

At a time when prices are rising uncontrollably, Apple has joined the bandwagon and has decided that starting in March, if we want to replace the battery of one of our computers it will be a little more expensive. Taking into account that the battery is one of the elements that can be degraded before in any of the devices of the American company, the business for it is served. After that date, we will have to pay until approximately 70 euros more.

The apple company has decided that since not as many iPhones or Macs are sold as it should, to compensate, it decides that the prices for certain arrangements should be more expensive. It has always been said that the real business of a company is not in the sale of the device itself, but in its maintenance. It must be that Apple now wants to recover the loss in sales by increasing the price of device fixes, provided, of course, that it is out of warranty.

A Reddit user who has posted a thread in it, specifies that starting in March of this newly released year, the prices for the repair of Macs when it comes to battery issues, will increase to about 50 dollars, which can assume about 70 euros more. It not only uploads repairs on Macs, we find that the repair of iPhones and iPads are also increasing.

“Current out-of-warranty battery service fee will apply until the end of February 2023. Starting March 1, 2023, the out-of-warranty battery service fee will increase by $20 for all iPhone models prior to iPhone 14, for iPads and for Macs, they will be $30 more for all MacBook Air models and an additional $50 for all MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

We do not know if this increase will also affect other repairs, such as screens.

I take this opportunity to wish you happy new year 2023 May all your wishes come true and above all, may you be very happy.

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