Mac programs with which to create your company logo

Use these applications to create your logo

In macOS there are numerous applications that allow you to create your logo in one way or another. From apps designed for true professionals, to others that have a much better learning curve and that are perfectly usable by all those users who have no prior knowledge of logo design.



This app is about a vector graphics editor which again, like GIMP, is completely gratuitous and it is also from Open Source, so the customization of functions, if you have enough knowledge to develop code, is total. Although you can also help yourself with the functionalities that other users develop for this application.

Obviously, being a vector graphics software, it has all the essential tools that a user needs to be able to create their logo with all the guarantees. Of course it can also be used to create illustrations, graphics, business cards and everything that your imagination is capable of creating. It has flexible drawing tools and the ability to render primitive vector shapes.

Logo Maker – Design Monogram


This application is, along with Pixelmator Pro and CorelDraw, the only ones that you can download directly from the App Store, and therefore, it is one of the best options you can find within the Apple application store to create your logo. AI Logo Maker is an application designed and developed for the generation of logos exclusively.

In addition, you can not only use this app to create a logo from scratch, but you can also use the ones you already have to give them a completely renewed air thanks to all the functions and tools that this application provides to users. It has the possibility of creating unlimited designs, in which you can use all the icons that it has and that are grouped in different categories. Without a doubt, a really recommended option for all those users who want to start in the world of logo design.

Logo Maker - Design Monogram
Logo Maker - Design Monogram

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro

The first application is surely one of the best known by all users who have an Apple computer in their possession. Pixelmator Pro has been with Macs for years and we could say that it is the equivalent to Photoshop, but from the Cupertino company. Like many of the applications that we are going to comment on in this post, in order to use it you will need to go to the checkout and buy the application, but surely if you are interested in the world of design, it will be worth it.

As we said, it is the counterpart of Photoshop, therefore, its functions are quite similar. On the one hand, it is a photo editor, but with which you will also be able to cover your need for create a logo to start creating your brand image. It has all the tools a design professional needs.

Pixelmator Pro
Pixelmator Pro

Adobe photoshop


One of the applications most famous and well-known In the world of images, it is Photoshop, the Adobe program. Initially this application is designed for photo editing, but its features have been increasing in recent years, providing it with tools with which you can create all kinds of designs.

If it is true that within Adobe, as we will see later, perhaps it is not the most professional option to create logos, which is the objective of this post. However, many users are already able to handle this application with some ease, so this, added to the functions that you have available, can help many users to create their logos directly from Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe illustrator


Just a few lines we told you that Photoshop is not the completely thought option, within Adobe, for the creation of logos. And is that for this is Adobe Illustrator, the quintessential app for all graphic design professionals, which has a spectacular number of tools to unleash the imagination of its users.

It has a series of features that will allow you to control all the important points when designing your logo. With Adobe Illustrator you can work edition vector, which will allow you to create different designs and later scale them to the desired size without losing image quality. In addition, another of the highlights of this application is the ease of use with which users can control all aspects of logo design such as the creation of shapes, the use of brushes, perspective grids and much more. .



We continue advancing, in this case we want to talk to you about an application that obviously does not have the popularity that Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator can have, but that undoubtedly does have a series of characteristics and functionalities that give the user the possibility of generate your logo without any restriction.

In the same way as other programs for creating designs, CorelDRAW has the ability to perform vector graphics editing, which facilitates firstly, the creation of your logo and later to be able to scale it to the desired size without losing quality in the image.




We are now going with a completely different application than what we have seen so far, mainly because of the concept, not because of what you can do with it. We say this by GIMP is a cross-platform image editor and that in addition, the main characteristic and that the difference from the rest, is that it is open source.

It is a multipurpose app, designed for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators or scientists, it already has all the tools to satisfy the needs of different types of user. Therefore, it is a fantastic option to start creating your logo without spending a single euro on an application. In addition, one of the advantages of being an open source application is that you can modify its code in order to customize functions or add others that other users have already developed.

These web pages will help you

In the same way that there are numerous applications to be able to satisfy the needs of users who need to generate their own logo capable of transmitting a brand image according to the interests and values ​​of their company, on the internet there are also truly powerful websites with which you go to be able to create your own logo.



Without any doubt, if we have to talk about applications to create logos, the first one that many users will come to mind is this, Canva, since it is a fantastic tool for all the design and marketing professionals. This is due to the enormous amount of opportunities that you have within the web to create practically any element that has something to do with design.

It has a very visual interface that also stands out for being really easy and intuitive of using. With regard to logo design, you have two options, start from scratch and create it yourself, or let the platform itself help you, answering a series of questions that will give Canva an idea of ​​your personal tastes, which added to the name of your company and the type of business, it will generate a logo that you can use without any problem.



Looka is one of the best logo design programs that use AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence. With this web service, or web application, you will be able to create your completely personalized logo in a matter of a few minutes and thus achieve the brand image that you want to transmit to all your clients.

It is an online tool, that is, you will not be able to download any application to run it on your Mac, you will simply have to access its website to be able to enjoy all the advantages and functionalities it provides. In addition, to be able to use it and take advantage of it, you do not need previous knowledge of design, so any user can make use of and benefit from this application.



We finish this compilation of applications or websites to create your logo with the Jimdo website, a service that will allow you to create your logo in a completely free and completely personalized. Jimdo has the objective of making your business a recognizable brand with personality and for this it allows you, with just a few simple steps, to create the logo that transmits that value that your business brings to society.

For this you will only have to invest a few minutes of your timeSimply by entering the name of your company, choosing the colors, the design and the fonts that you want to use, this web service will generate a logo that meets the requirements that you have previously marked. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic option for all those users who do not have knowledge about design but who want to have a professional and modern logo.

What are our favorites?

As always when we carry out a compilation of this type, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida we want to share what our preferential options are. If we look at the first category, where we find both applications designed for design professionals, as well as for users who are starting in this world, therefore, in the first place and as the most complete application we highlight Adobe IllustratorHowever, for the second case, that is, an amateur audience in this sense, we believe that the best option is LogoMaker.

In the second category, the recommendation is very clear, not so much because it offers something significantly different in terms of logo creation, but because it offers many other tools that will surely be great for your activity, therefore, in this case, we we stay with Canva.

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