Mac Studio: Apple’s surprise for the March 8 keynote?

Although we expect that the next Apple presentation will be the debut of the iPhone SE 2022, now it seems that the Mac Studio could be its keynote partner. And, based on the leaks, in something that would make a lot of sense, it is most likely that in reality the Mac Studio is the protagonist of the event, leaving the “cheap” version of Apple’s smartphone in the background. More or less showy? That is yet to be seen.

But let’s go by parts, because right now you are most likely wondering what Mac Studio is. And it is normal, since until now it was just one more of the hundreds of rumors that constantly circulate around Apple. However, according to an exclusive from 9to5Mac, se would confirm that Apple will include Mac Studio in its cataloga computer with the external appearance of a Mac Mini, but with features far superior to those offered by the smallest of Apple’s desktop systems.

The quintessential Apple leaker, Mark Gurman, spoke some time ago of what he called “a smaller Mac Pro”, equipped with a SoC with a CPU of 40 cores and a GPU of no less than 128 cores. And now, according to information that 9to5Mac would have had access to, Apple will include two versions of Mac Studio in its catalog, one with the Apple M1 Max, the current top of the range from Cupertino, and a second version, equipped with a even more powerful chip, and that could potentially be one of those that we have already advanced you previously.

Now, the big question is whether this Mac Studio will be presented next Tuesdayand how does that fit into Apple’s plans for the transition of the Mac Pro from Intel to Apple Silicon, and is that we must remember that it is the only Cupertino system that has not yet made this leap, to the point that there are even Rumors suggest that Apple would still present (or at least launch) a new version of it based on Intel Xeon, before making the leap to its own platform.

The question is, therefore, if the Mac Studio will debut in a few days, if it will do so in June, in the context of WWDC 2022, or if it will finally be part of the great catalog renewal that we expect for next fall. . What is certain, yes, is that it is Mac Studio, iMac Pro or Mac Pro, but some team with the focus on its performance will be the protagonist of the event, and it is that he remembers that his name, according to the senior vice president of marketing of the house, is Peek performance. Smells like Pro from afar.

Now, if a new generation of Mac Pro with Intel is confirmed, I find it hard to believe that Apple will give it so much prominence. Therefore, possibilities for next Tuesday are Mac Studio and/or iMac Pro, and perhaps next to them a Mac Pro with Intel. And the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon? Well, we can’t rule it out, but I have a feeling we’ll still have to wait a bit for his arrival.

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