MacBook Air 2022, this could be your final design

We have been considering for a while what the new MacBook Air 2022 could be like, a team that, if everything goes according to plan, should be released between the first and second quarter of next year. Everything seemed to indicate that Apple was going to turn towards a design inspired by the next generation iMac, which left us with a line with rounded nuances and a clear commitment to color, at least in theory.

Those rumors have settled over time, and now, new information has reinforced them. What we see in the cover image shows what the final design of the MacBook Air 2022 could look like, and as we had anticipated, there are important changes that affect both the laptop’s line and the use of color, which has an obvious pastel touch. It is not yet clear, but it is said that this new equipment could be available in the same shades as the iMac series.

At the hardware level, important improvements are also expected. The MacBook Air 2022 should launch a new SoC, specifically the Apple M2, a chip that should represent the debut of a new generation on which, later, the Apple M2 Pro and Apple M2 Max. We do not have details about its possible specifications, but due to the current situation in the semiconductor world, and due to the launch date that said equipment would have, it is most likely that this new SoC uses TSMC’s improved 5 nm process, which is identified as N4.

Given that the Apple M1 SoC has a configuration, at the CPU level, of 8 cores divided into two blocks, a high-efficiency quad-core and a high-performance quad-core, we will most likely see an increase in the maximum as well. of cores on the chip that will give life to the MacBook Air 2022, as well as an improvement in the IPC thanks to the use of a new architecture. There is nothing definitive, but voices sound pointing to a count of 12 cores, 8 high-performance and 4 high-efficiency.

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As for the sale price of the MacBook Air 2022, it is very likely that we will see an increase compared to the current model, derived from the higher costs that Apple must face due to the supply problems experienced by the technology sector.

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