MacBook Air M2, features, price and rating

In addition, this MacBook Air has gone down in history because it has ended with a hallmark that has accompanied it since its birth. Until now, all the models of this Apple laptop were characterized, among other things, because the thickness of her bottom part varied as it neared the end, that is, it was not uniform. However, this has changed with the MacBook Air M2, since now its thickness is completely uniform. However, and since we are talking about the thickness, it should be noted that it is the thinnest laptop that Apple has created to date, something that is not simple at all.

Another aspect that must be assessed when talking about design is the color, or rather, the colors or finishes in which this device is available. In this sense, Apple has also introduced really striking innovations, leaving the traditional silver and space gray colors. Below is the list of available colors.

  • Silver.
  • Star white.
  • space grey.
  • Midnight.

macbook air colors

The star white and midnight colors are the clear protagonists, especially the second, since it offers a truly incredible aesthetic, although yes, in case you are considering buying it, you have to keep in mind that it gets very dirty, although hey, It is something that can be alleviated with a microfiber cloth very easily.


We have already told you about the design, which, as we have told you, is the point that initially attracts the most attention. However, what really elevates this computer to make it a really interesting option for even a professional public is its processor. This MacBook Air has been in charge of giving the starting signal to the M2 seriesincluding himself this processor that, of course, has not disappointed anyone.

It is true that the jump from M1 to M2 cannot be compared to the one that the MacBook Air made when it went from Intel to M1, but beware, that the performance improvement is really substantial and of course the progress that Apple has made in this regard is very good. The MacBook Air has ceased to be a basic computer to become a clear option for many users who, until the arrival of Apple processors, could only set their eyes on the MacBook Pro. Of course, you have to take into account that depending on Whichever spec you choose, you will have 8 or 10 GPU cores, always accompanied by the 8 CPU cores.

macbook air

In short, the MacBook Air is a device that In terms of power and performance, not a single objection can be made. With this piece of machine you will be able to do practically any task that your day to day requires, although obviously, it will also depend on the configuration you choose, but we will talk about it a few lines below.


If we talk about the important points of a computer, obviously, one of them is the screen. If we compare this with the previous screen that the MacBook Air M1 had, we can see how it has grown slightly, going from 13.3 inches to 13.6 inches. Of course, what has not changed is its technology, since it continues to be a Liquid Retina.

MacBook Air M2 Keyboard

What has improved has been the brightness, which goes from 400 nits to 500 nits, so that all those who go out to work with it in the street or in a place where there is a lot of lighting will not have any problem when it comes to enjoying it. In addition, the calibration that Apple makes of all its screens in terms of colors is always really good, so it is also a great tool to carry out photo or video editing work.

Other important aspects

We have already told you about the most important points that you have to keep in mind when evaluating this MacBook Air M2. However, there are other aspects that, although they are not so important, also affect the user experience that this device ends up offering to users. Well, just about them is what we want to talk about next.


When talking about a laptop, the section of being able to work where you want and how you want is vital, since in the end the user chooses a product of this type for that. For this, it is vital to be able to count on good autonomy, and the reality is that this device does not disappoint at all.

Apple MacBook Air

We look back again, and it is that at the level of autonomy, Apple has done a great job with the efficiency of its processors, and it is that the leap that Macs made when going from Intel processors to Apple’s own ones has been amazing, being the battery one of the main points of improvement on which they have focused and, as we say, they have more than succeeded. All this despite the fact that Apple laptops have always been the ones that have behaved the most and best in terms of autonomy, even when their processors were from Intel.

According to the Cupertino company, this MacBook Air is capable of up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing, 18 hours of video playback through the Apple TV app. In short, it offers users the peace of mind be able to use it during a working day without the need to use its charger at any time.

configuration possibilities

One of the points that users have to take into account when buying a computer, be it this MacBook Air or any other, is the configuration that you are going to choose from it, since in the end, that is what will give you the possibility whether the performance is higher or lower.

MacBook Air M2

Fortunately, this MacBook Air offers many possibilities to users in terms of configuration options in all its aspects, both in storage, RAM memory and even different options in terms of GPU cores. Below we leave you the different options that all potential buyers of this MacBook Air have.

  • Storage: from 256 GB to 2 TB.
  • RAM: from 8 GB to 24 GB.
  • Chip
    • M2 with 8 core CPU, 8 core GPU.
    • M2 with 8 core CPU, 10 core GPU.

camera and audio

Something about laptops that is often not taken into account is the issue of the video camera to be able to make quality video calls, something that is becoming more important every day, especially in labor relations. But beware, the issue of sound is also very important, both because of the microphones that the device itself has and because of the speakers, which in the end will also allow you to enjoy a better experience when consuming content or even listening to music.

Let’s start talking about the MacBook camera, and in this case it has a camera FaceTime HD at 1080p, doubling the resolution of the previous version of this device and offering an image good enough to make a video call. Of course, it is nothing special, and the reality is that if you want a very good quality image you will have to use a more professional webcam or take advantage of your iPhone to make said video call thanks to one of the new functions that Apple has introduced .

MacBook Air M2

As for the sound, this MacBook Air has a set of three microphonesto those who accompany them beamforming algorithms advanced so others can hear you loud and clear. Finally, if we now focus on the speaker systemthis MacBook Air has a total of four, with the peculiarity of also offering the famous spatial audio.

Is it worth buying it?

Whenever we carry out a post of this type, from La Manzana Mordida we like to end it by giving you our subjective and personal opinion about this device. Of course, this is a vision that is completely conditioned by personal tastes and specific needs, so we encourage you to decide if this computer is really the best option based on your needs.

MacBook Air M2 side

This MacBook Air is a true marvel of a device, and the truth is that it is capable of meet the needs of many users. So much so, that for the vast majority of people who need a powerful laptop, with good autonomy and above all, very portable, this is surely the best option for them. Now, you always have to keep your day-to-day needs very much in mind, also to be able to choose the best possible configuration, both for now and for the rest of the years that this MacBook Air M2 will last you.

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