MacBook for business, Apple core in 3D and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

This week started with several important news in the world Apple and at I’m from Mac we want to share with you some of the most outstanding. We are in the middle of the month of November and it seems that the Christmas holidays no longer have a brake, the arrival of purchases for 11/11 or Black Friday open the festive period and it shows in the atmosphere. As this flows day by day we will continue with our highlights of the week.

That is why we want to start with the important news for Apple and it is about the implementation of MacBook with an M1 processor in companies. It seems that the reception that these teams have had is really good as some companies with the arrival of these equipment for your employees.

Apple TV + market share

Another piece of news that we have to have in this small list of the most outstanding news is that which refers to the growth of the market share for Apple TV +. In this case it is not too much but it is an important step for Apple and its services.

We continue with the outstanding news of this week with another of the important ones. Last Wednesday marked a year since the arrival of the first Macs with M1 processors. Yes, this week Apple’s Apple Silicon processor was a year old and it seems that they have been with us all their lives due to the good features it is offering to Apple Macs.

Apple car

Finally, we want to share the 3D model that they have published of the Apple Car, Apple’s smart and electric car. This is a rumor that we have been seeing for years and logically the design of this models is based on some patents and rumors published recently.

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