Macintosh presentation moved to 2021


Many times we do not realize the detail that Apple’s presentations have in terms of products and videos about their products. In this case, the designer Thibaut Crepelle, shares with all of us a short video of just under 30 seconds in which he shows us how it would be or rather, how it could be Introducing the original Macintosh from Apple today. Of course the video is amazing and the only thing that I would personally change is the music that is somewhat garish for an Apple commercial today, but which in turn adds that more “vintage” touch to the product.

Of course Apple with its original Macintosh broke the schemes by showing the 1984 Super Bowl ad and in this tribute from Crepelle to the Macintosh, he shows us the best lines of it. As the creator himself says: “I wanted to pay tribute to this classic piece of hardware”

It is not clear is that speak at that time did not have the current technology and nowadays you can make such spectacular announcements for your ads. You can see the keyboard, mouse and Apple’s own computer in all its glory With this announcement, something that many of you will surely like just as we did. Crepelle shared more details about how he created this great Macintosh concept video on his Behance profile, you can see this directly from this link.

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