macOS 13 could be called Mammoth

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During the days leading up to the corresponding WWDCs that Apple celebrates every year in June, many of us speculate about what will be the mountainous area that will give its name to the new version of macOS. In recent years, the bets always featured Mammoth, one of the names that Apple has registered for several years, but that for the moment, as we well know, he has not used.

As the guys at 9to5Mac have seen, Apple has renewed the Mammoth trademark within the operating systems category, so this is more than likely the name of the next version of macOS. It is also likely that it will not be the next and that Apple will reserve the name for future versions.

As in most of the names that the latest versions of macOS have received, Mammoth is also found in the state of California. Specifically, it refers to the Mammoth Lakes area that is located in the Sierra Nevada, a popular area for skiing.

Apple has renewed the Mammoth brand through the company Yosemite Research LLC, with which you also previously registered us names Yosemite and Monterey. To find out if the next version of macOS finally adopts this name, we will have to wait until June 2022.

Other names that Apple also has registered and that will enter the pools to name macOS 13 are Corner, the preferred area for surfers in California and Skyline, which refers to Skyline Boulevard, located on the crest of Santa Cruz Mountain and extending south from the city of San Francisco.

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