macOS Big Sur receives a new security update

When the guys from Cupertino stop updating an operating system, does not mean that they completely forget about it. Apple is concerned that users who are still using old versions of both macOS and iOS are protected from new security problems in their applications and/or operating systems.

The latest sign of this concern can be found in the new security update that Apple servers make available to all users who are still using macOS Big Sur.

If your computer is managed by this operating system, you are already taking a long time to download version 11.6.4, a version that fix the same security issue which Apple patched a few days ago with macOS 12.2.1 Monterey.

But also, for users who stayed on macOS CatalinaApple has also released a security patch, specifically version 10.15.7, a patch that also fixes the same issue that was found in macOS Monterey.

The security problem was WebKit-related. As we can read in the update notes, the processing of malicious web content allowed the execution of arbitrary code, a vulnerability that Apple acknowledges that has been exploited in the past.

How to download this update

To download both the update available for macOS Big Sur and Catalina, we must go to System preferences and click on the icon Software update.

Yes you don’t plan to update macOS Montereyremember to uncheck the corresponding box, otherwise your computer will also be updated to the latest version of macOS currently available, which is number 12.2.1.

Installing this update requires us to restart our computerso if you can’t stop what you’re doing, I recommend that we install it when you have some free time or a break.

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