MacOS Monterey beta 5 released for developers

At the end of July Apple launched what is beta 4 and now we have ready for developers what is macOS Monterey beta 5. Number 4 brought two interesting novelties that are in full development along with others already implemented. Live Text and Universal control that has not yet been fully developed and we will have to keep waiting. All this together with the redesign of Safari makes this beta 5 even closer to the final version for all users.

When version 4 of the macOS Monterey developer beta was released, there was talk of a new feature called Universal Control. It was short-lived in the description of the new version of the beta. No trace of this functionality in that new software. It was expected that in beta 5 it would jump to the fore, but for now we will have to keep waiting.

At the moment nothing special has been detected in this new version. If by special we mean any new functionality. Because really what is special about this new version is that Apple still does not disclose the universal control function. But we hope it does soon though was seen as a shooting star in version 4.

Apple authorized developers can now download the new version macOS Monterey beta 5 from the download website for programmers although it is also shown through OTA for the aforementioned developers.

Remember that whenever we talk about software in progress such as betas, you must be careful and pay special attention to where you install them. We advise against doing it in primary teams, that is, in those that you use daily or that have valuable information. Betas are test programs and therefore unstable. Do not risk it to try functions that are not yet fully developed.

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