macOS updates are now much faster

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Apple is always on the lookout for possible bugs or security vulnerabilities in its device software. This constant vigilance means that we often have to to update our pots with the silk-screened manzanita more frequently than usual in other brands.

And one of the slowest, due to the size of its software, has always been the Mac. The truth is that sitting in front of your computer waiting for it to finish updating macOS is usually tedious. But this is over. As of now, Apple has managed to cut down a lot on the time it takes to download and update a new version of macOS. And we just checked with macOS 13.0.1 this very week.

This week Apple released macOS Ventura 13.0.1 for all supported Macs. In principle one more of many, with simple bug fixes. But this time it has drawn the attention of its users for a detail: this time its teams have updated much faster than before… Why?

delta system

In Cupertino they have been working for years on how to speed up the installation of the constant updates that are made at the end of the year on Macs. And it seems that they have succeeded, thanks to a new update system called Delta.

Until now, when a small modification arose in macOS, for example, and a system library was modified, if said file was directly related to many others, it was reinstalled almost all software to avoid breaking those “relationships” between the modified library and the rest of them.

So in Cupertino they made sure that the new update would not have «system failures«. But of course, that meant downloading and reinstalling almost everything in macOS. So you had to wait a while for the download, and another for its subsequent installation.

With the Delta installation method, Apple has managed to control these “relationships” between libraries, and thus if that file allows it, to be able to only download and reinstall only the affected librariesleaving the rest of macOS untouched.

This seems very simple, but in Cupertino they have been working on the project for years DeltaAnd it has finally come true. All this, simply to reduce waiting times while our Mac is updated. Bravo for Apple.

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