macOS Ventura Confirmed to Arrive in October


It has been an open secret shared among millions of users. Many rumors claimed that, in September, Apple would not present new Macs or iPads, because it would do so in October. Therefore, we would not see macOS Ventura or iPadOS 16 either. Now Apple what it has done It has been dropping a pill that leaves us the same. We are still left with the doubts of when that presentation of the new computers and the new operating system will be.

We can say that it is now official that macOS Ventura will be presented at an event in October. Apple has confirmed it. But it has only confirmed something that was already very evident and especially after having held the September event, which has been two weeks, and that it will not present any new Mac or the operating system for them. We are still in beta phase of macOS Ventura, waiting for it to materialize for all users.

The American company has not really specified a date. The only thing he has done is say that the event will be in October and that there we will see the official presentation of macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16. Of course, although he has not said it, we will also see new Macs. I honestly do not know if iPadOS 16 will eclipse macOS Ventura, since the functions that this new update brings will make the iPad a very powerful work system. It does not reach the height of the Mac and less with the M2 chip. In addition, we have Stage Manager, a novelty in Ventura that It will be crucial for the new generation of Apple computers.

Now the rumors of the exact day for the event will begin. We will be pending, because of those rumors there will be a date that sounds the most and it will be that with total probability. We will wait, just as we have waited for macOS 13, which in fact we will continue to wait a few days after the launch of the eventas usual.

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