Macs are vulnerable, here is an ultra-efficient antivirus (at -60%)

In the same way as computers running Windows, Macs are also exposed to the various risks of malware and many viruses that are increasingly swarming on the Internet. Also, to have peace of mind it is better to have an antivirus for Mac capable of effectively protecting all your data.

In recent years, more and more cyberattacks are claiming many victims on the Internet. Both with simple users and companies. Phishing attempts (phishing), botnets, raisonneras, no one is immune to all these types of threats. The good reflex to adopt to avoid losing hours or even years of work or data is of course to have made a backup. Whether in the cloud, on external storage devices, on a remote server, it doesn’t matter where. Using an antivirus is also essential.

Indeed, using a computer without antivirus is like going down a black ski slope without a helmet and adequate safety equipment. In the event of a fall, the risks can be fatal. So, as they say, prevention is always better than cure. This is the role of an antivirus which, when it detects a threat on your machine, notifies you immediately. And allows you to make the right decisions at the right time (blocking, quarantining, deleting, etc.).

On Macs when it comes to viruses, the most popular antivirus is Intego. Present on the market since 1997, this American publisher specializes only in Apple machines. Over the years, Intego has established itself as a reference as an antivirus for Mac. Thanks to its reputation, its antivirus is also used by more than 30 million users around the world who trust it.

I use Intego antivirus

Usually offered at a fairly expensive price, the Intego antivirus is currently on sale. Generally, it takes €49.99 per year to ensure optimal protection. There, the price of the software drops to just €19.99 (-60%), or less than €2 per month. For this contained rate, you are guaranteed to benefit from a maximum level of security. In addition, to convince yourself before you decide, you can test it for free for 30 days.

Why choose Intego over another antivirus?

But why choose Intego antivirus rather than another? Well, as we told you before, Intego is only focused on macOS computers. Unlike the other best-known solutions on the market such as McAfee, Bitdefender and others, which mainly focus on Windows and for whom Microsoft’s operating system represents a much juicier market. Their version of antivirus for Mac is often a mediocre update of the one for Windows. From this perspective, it is therefore difficult to have as good an expertise as that of Intego, which knows how to more effectively identify faults specific to Apple.

Intego therefore represents the best antivirus on Mac of the moment and it is also AV-Test which says it. In addition to offering the best level of security on your Apple machine, it is also very discreet. Indeed, it does the work in the background without being intrusive with pop-ups or useless messages appearing all the time. Much better than any free antivirus, it is also much more secure than these.

Also, if you also want to go to the next level, know that the company Intego also publishes other software for Mac. One of its flagship products is called Mac Premium Bundle. It includes antivirus, but also a cleaning tool to speed up your Mac’s speed, and software for automatic cloud backup management as well. There is also a parental control tool.

This very complete formula is also the subject of a promotion at a super advantageous price since it is currently offered at €29.99 instead of €84.99 per year. For $10 more per year, this Mac Premium bundle is arguably the best solution for your Apple computer. Just like the antivirus offer, Intego offers you a 30-day free trial before you buy it. Whichever formula you choose, it’s non-binding, which means you can cancel whenever you want.

To discover the Intego Premium pack, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Mac Premium Bundle

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