Mactracker updates adding new MacBook Pros and fixes


The best application to know in detail all the features, price, release date and other data of Apple devices is undoubtedly Mactracker. This great Apple encyclopedia in app format is now updated for Mac adding the new 14-inch MacBook Pros, 16-inch MacBook Pros and obviously add some bug fixes.

All those who do not have the app downloaded on your Mac can do so in a totally free from the Mac App Store. It is without a doubt the best application to know all the details of Apple devices and software, from the first Apple I to the most current 16-inch MacBook Pro.

This is the application you need to know everything about Apple devices

This is one of those applications that we never tire of recommending on I am a Mac and you will find any information you need to know about Apple equipment, software or the like. It is one of those applications that has always been installed on my Macs and that helps me on numerous occasions to know each and every one of the details of the company’s products from Cupertino.

Meet a product by its identification number, by the date it was launched on the market or even its initial price with some of the qualities of this app. Without a doubt it is a totally recommended application. We can find Mactracker on the Mac App Store totally free. Here below we leave you the direct link to the Mac application store, but you also have Mactracker available for iOS devices.

Mactracker (AppStore Link)

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