Mad Max Fury Road: the original vehicles from the original film up for auction (working and possibly even armed)

As we struggle to recover from the news of the almost a year’s slippage of the release date of Furiosa, we discover that in the coming weeks there will be a particular auction regarding the vehicles of the film. Mad Max: Fury Road.

From 25 to 26 September 2021 the Lloyds Classic Car Auctions – Asia Pacific will be selling 13 vehicles directly from the 2015 film.

These are fully functional vehicles and include all the options (maybe even the weapons?) Built specifically for the shooting of the film directed by George Miller and performed by Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron.

Up for auction 13 original vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road

From the Tanker chase throughout the film to the Doof Wagon for the incitement of the Children of War, from Gigahorse by Immortan Joe (made of two paired 1959 Cadillac De Ville) up to Razor Cola, there will be something for all tastes but, obviously, not for all budgets.

The auction, in fact, provides for the 13 vehicles to be purchased in bulk and not individually, a peculiarity that greatly restricts the audience of enthusiasts who will be able to afford to bid to grab this dystopian steampunk team of vehicles.

It is easy to assume that the organizers of this high-octane sale are aiming to receive offers from avid fans belonging to the elite of hi-tech and web gossips, given that payments via cryptocurrencies are also foreseen, as specified by the ‘ post apocalyptic themed announcement:

Puffing, super-turbo-charged and heavily armed with weapons and Sons of War, the machines that survived the end of civilization have been unearthed in the largest find ever recorded.

Smelling of gasoline, noxious and no frills precursors of hell, they are vehicles that mark man’s extraordinary ability to wrest beauty even from what is designed for death and destruction, art from power, the very meaning of car.

Payment will be accepted in any form, including cryptocurrencies as we prepare for the end of civilization.

The nitrous, no-nonsense expedition can be organized to any place of what’s left of the world.

Below is the complete list of 13 vehicles from the Mad Max: Fury Road movie

  • War Rig (Tanker)
  • Gigahorse
  • Doof Wagon
  • Nux Car
  • Convoy Car: Elvis
  • Convoy Car: Flamer
  • Razor Cola
  • Pole Car
  • Saber Tooth
  • Fire Car
  • Caltrop: El Dorado
  • Buggy: Ratrod Chev
  • Buick: Heavy Artillery With Hummer Weapon Mount

More information about it also regarding the possibility of following the sale via streaming is available on the official website of the auction house.

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