Madrid hosts the fitboxing world championships on June 4

The Fitboxing World Games are just around the corner. After two years of absence, due to the pandemic, the international competition faces its second part of the calendar with nearly 200 teams to find the best fitboxers on the planet in its fourth edition. Arriving from all parts of Spain, Portugal, Italy or Argentina, the classifications that began in the first week of March will continue throughout April with a view to the grand finale on June 4 at the Caja Mágica in Madrid.

A unique day in a setting that has already hosted major world championships in other sports disciplines and that will bring together 64 teams, more than 300 fitboxers and around 1,000 spectators in its stands. With mixed teams, so there is no separation between women and men, in past editions the Fitboxing World Champion medal -approved by the World Boxing Council (WBC)- always ended up in sides 100% feminine.

What is fitboxing?

Fitboxing is a booming sport with more and more participants both in its World Championships and in their daily training. Proof of this are the almost 1,000 fitboxers who exercise in this IV edition, with an international presence through training in specialized centers of Brooklyn Fitboxing.

contactless disciplinewhich combines boxing movements with kickboxing and muay thai, the score is achieved through the union between the timing of the music and the force of the blow.

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A movement that is detected through the sensors installed in the bags, creating a true visual spectacle by the harmonization of the five members of the team. Proof of the rise of fitboxing is the fact that for the fourth edition of the FitboxingWorld Games, some of the selected referees come from synchronized swimming, so their ability to measure the simultaneity of the hit is greater.

The Qualifying Series which have been held since the beginning of March and will continue throughout April take place in the following cities:

Madrid: March 5, 12, 19, 26/ April 2, 23, 30
Valencia: March 26/ April 30
Elche: April 2
Getxo: March 5, 26/ April 30
Victory: April 2
A Coruna: March 19
Las Palmas: March 19
Malaga: March 26
Seville: April 23
Buenos Aires, Argentina: April 2, 23, 30
Milan, Italy: April 9
Lisbon, Portugal: March 12

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