Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is the accessory that Mac M1 lacked

Apple has just marketed its new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID fingerprint sensor. An ideal accessory for teleworking.

If you’ve got one of the newer MacBooks with the M1 chip and would like better typing comfort, good news: Apple has got you covered. The manufacturer now markets its Magic Keyboard with Touch ID sensor.

More keys and shortcuts

Until then sold exclusively with the new iMac M1, the external keyboard is now available on the Apple Store at 159 euros. The version with numeric keypad sells for 185 euros.

The great novelty of this model is obviously the presence of the fingerprint reader which allows you to identify yourself on your computer with a simple scan of your finger. The Mac M1 are natively equipped with a fingerprint sensor, but if you prefer the comfort of an external keyboard, then the new Magic Keyboard is the only one that offers you the same functionality as the on-board keyboard.

The fingerprint sensor is located in the same place as on Macs // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Truth be told, Apple’s accessory offers even better than the on-board keyboard. The numeric keypad model has shortcuts and function keys not found on MacBook keyboards. This model is therefore the most complete that you can get if you are working on a Mac M1.

Only compatible with Mac M1

The keyboard is also compatible only with M1 computers since the reading of the fingerprint must be secured via the cryptographic processor which is only present on the new Apple chips.

If you are a fan of teleworking, an external keyboard can significantly increase your working comfort. First, because they often offer greater typing comfort than computers, additional features and offer you better mobility since you can type with your keyboard on your knees, without having to do a balancing act with your computer. It will also prevent you from having your eyes glued 50 cm from the screen all day.

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