Magic: the Gathering says goodbye to the Russo brothers who leave the series

Magic: The Gathering, the animated series Netflix inspired by the franchise born from the famous trading card game that he should have seen Joe And Anthony Russo as producers, he registers the abandonment of the duo of directors of Avengers: Endgame.

According to what reported by Deadline the project is moving forward without the contribution of the two filmmaking brothers whose place seems to have been weighted by Jeff Kline, co-creator of Transformers: Prime – The Animated Series.

The Russo’s farewell to the Magic: the Gathering series due to creative differences

Announced in 2019, the CGI animated series initially envisaged the supervision of the Russo Bros who, together with their team (including screenwriters Henry Gilroy and Jose Molina), were trying to pursue a vision of the project that seems to have slowly drifted away. from the intentions of the streaming giant.

Here, therefore, that a stalemate has been reached with the consequent separation, however defined as friendly, between the creative team and Netflix, with the Scotts Valley company that subsequently contacted Kline. Now the goal is to create a whole new storyline and expand the stories of the Planeswalkers, the heroes (good and bad) of Magic, into the television media.

Deadline also reports that the Russo brothers have given their contribution to the “handover” with the new creative team composed of Steve Melching, Audu Paden, Izzy Medrano, Nicole Dubuc, Russell Sommer, Dan Frey And Taneka Stotts.

Kline himself wanted to thank the two directors for introducing him to the world of Magic, assuring fans that all the people involved in the making of the show are aware of the importance of this project:

I am grateful to the Russos for taking me to the world of Magic: the Gathering over dinner at one of their favorite Cleveland restaurants. Magic is one of those rare intellectual properties with such an extensive mythology that choosing is half the business. Every single person working on this series knows how much this narrative universe is loved and how much excitement and pressure comes from adapting the Magic story.

Netflix and Wizards of the Coast also wanted to give credit to the work done so far by Joe and Anthony Russo:

Even though the Russo brothers are no longer part of the animated series, their passion for the game combined with the initial creative perspective and input helped us shape the project.

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