Major crash of Final Cut on Mac with its latest update

Last week Apple released the new versions of several of its applications dedicated to the professional field, among which is Final cut pro. However, after installing it, several users began to report an error with one of the most basic and essential Final Cut keyboard shortcuts. Here we tell you more, as well as its temporary solution.

What is this problem?

After the update that Apple released last week of Final Cut Pro, many users began to report a serious bug in the dedicated video editing program for professionals. The error consists of the impossibility of users to be able to undo changes made with the command CMD + Z. This is one of the functions that all editors use daily and on a daily basis, so it is a real problem since the application itself does not really allow undoing a change manually, that is, once you make a change in the timeline, you won’t be able to go back at any time.

In addition, as the hours went by, all the users who reported said error had one factor in common, and that is that the language of the system they had established was Spanish. In other words, this problem is present in all users who have Spanish as the system language on their Apple computer.

It can be fixed?

After reaching the conclusion that we have exposed to you previously, some users decided to check if this error persisted after changing the system language, and well, here is the solution. If you are a Final Cut Pro user and you have this problem, the only way you have today to solve this error is changing the computer language to English.

And yes, it turns out very tedious, but it is the only way there is at the moment to fix it. For this you must go to System Preferences> Language and Region and in the Ā«GeneralĀ» tab change your language preference.

It is an error that Apple has surely detected already and they have got to work to solve it as quickly as possible. Therefore it is possible that in the next few days or weeks we will see a app update that ends up correcting it. Yes you haven’t updated yet and the new functionalities are not essential, it is advisable that you do not update and thus avoid this problem.

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