Make LibreOffice more suitable for you by managing its extensions

It has all the necessary productivity programs for both end users and companies. Due to its zero cost, this is a proposal that does not stop growing in terms of use and customers. In addition, its developers are working to improve its functionality, appearance and compatibility with the Redmond proposal. Many of you may already know that here we find a text editor, a spreadsheet program, another focused on mathematical formulas, or to make multimedia presentations.

When we install this suite from scratch we will also find a main welcome window that acts as control center. From here we will have the possibility to customize and configure some common aspects of all the applications included in the suite. How could it be otherwise, the applications that we find here and that we can use for free are full of functions related to office automation. Each one, in its own style and mode of operation, offers us everything we need to carry out the projects we need.

However, everything related to office automation covers a huge number of types of use, so it is difficult to cover everything. By this, what we mean is that this is a suite that allows the additional installation of certain extensions in order to increase its functionality.

Open the LibreOffice extensions section

It is important that we know how to work with these and manage them in the best way. In this way, what we are going to achieve is to improve the experience with the program. Therefore, the first thing we will do in this regard is to access the window from which we can manage these elements. We open the main application of the suite room, the one we mentioned before that acts as a control center.

Once we have this window on the screen we go to the Tools menu where we already see the option called Extension manager. Here the first thing we are going to find is a list that shows all the installed extensions.

Filter and update these additional items

We must bear in mind that this list shows all the installed extensions, but that does not mean that we have access to them. Therefore, in order to know which ones we can use and which ones we cannot filter the list that we discussed earlier. For this we only have to check or uncheck the boxes located at the top of this window. So we will see the extensions installed for all users, or only for the current one.

It is also important that for these additional plugins are fully effective, we have the latest version. To update them, we just have to click on the search for updates button located at the bottom of the window.

Install new extensions in the office suite

In addition to the ones we find by default in the program, we have the possibility of adding new extensions, as is logical to think. We have two ways of doing it, one local and the other through the internet. If we click on the Add button, we can search for new extensions that we have saved in our disk drives.

However, if we want to obtain more official elements through the internet, we only have to click on the link called Get more extensions online.

free extensions

At that moment a new window will open in the browser that we have by default pointing to the official LibreOffice website. Specifically, we find the web of extensions where we can search for a specific one or filter by the categories shown. Finally, we will only have to download the ones that interest us and install them in the suite.

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