Make no mistake! These devices heat a room much cheaper

Heating, a great expense to heat a room

You may spend much of the day in a room or in the living room. For example, if you work at home, are you studying, etc. Maybe you have heating in the house, with different radiators scattered around the house, and it is the option you use. However, that can come to overconsume and you really won’t need it.

What you are looking for is simply heating a room in the house. You don’t need to turn on all the heating. But even if you turn off all but a few of the radiators, it’s still a fairly power-hungry appliance. It is not the most efficient way to heat one or two rooms in the home.

Therefore, our advice is that you only use the heating when you really want to heat the whole house. For example, for a whole family and to be able to heat several rooms. In those cases, it may be the best option, although it is also a significant economic expense each month.

Heating consumption per degree

cheap room heating devices

An example of errors when heating a room is using a heater. For example a 2500 W model, which are quite common. We see it as a small device, useful for heating something quickly. However, it is a device that consumes a lot of electricity. We can say that it is good for a specific moment, such as quickly heating the bathroom when we go to shower, but not for general use to heat a room throughout the day.

Something similar happens with a brazier. They are also very common, but they can consume a lot especially if you put it to the maximum of its capacity and it is a somewhat old model. Now, there are more efficient models that have several positions from 400 W. In that case, it can be a good idea for a small room.

On the other hand, you can use other devices that will consume much less. A good idea is even to use the air conditioner. If you have a modern, efficient model, you can use the heat pump to set it at 19-20 degrees and you will see that the consumption is much lower than using a heater or heating the whole house. In addition, when the target temperature is reached, consumption is even lower.

But you can also use a radiator, for example. There are very efficient models of about 800 W. If you use a small model it is more than enough for a room. You don’t need anything bigger or more powerful. In those cases they would consume a lot more and you really don’t need it.

The stoves small ones can have a power of 600 W, so they could also be an alternative and are perfect for a room.

In short, as you can see, it is important that you do not make mistakes when trying to heat a room. Do not use devices with more power than you need for a specific place, nor use central heating and not really take advantage of it. Focus on devices that have low consumption. You will always be able to control them through smart plugs as long as you have a good connection and the Wi-Fi is not disconnected continuously.

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