Make no mistake! This is what I would never do to improve WiFi

What mistakes to avoid when trying to improve Wi-Fi

Perhaps by connecting by cable we will not have many problems of speed or stability. The failures actually appear when accessing the network wirelessly. It is usually because it is too far from the router, but it can also happen for other reasons related to the connection or the devices we use.

Buy a poor quality Wi-Fi repeater

One of the mistakes you should avoid if you want to improve your Wi-Fi is not buying a wireless repeater of bad quality. Sometimes it might seem like a good idea to buy that super deal we found on a very cheap repeater. But the reality is that by analyzing its features and especially by testing it, we can realize that it has been a bad investment.

If you want to have more Internet speed or better coverage, it is a good idea to buy a Wi-Fi repeater, Mesh system or PLC devices. But what you should do is make sure that the model you are going to buy really helps you. It is essential not to make mistakes.

Changing the router without seeing what the real problem is

It is also common to think that the reason why Wi-Fi is not working well is because of the router and we decided to change it. Maybe it can help us to have a better connection, but in most cases it is not really necessary and you are going to spend money to have the same problems or practically not solve anything.

Before buying a router to improve the Internet, you should see what the problem really is. Perhaps simply changing the location of the router you already have, avoiding other devices next to it that can generate interference, will help you improve the network.

Not checking the problematic device well

Do you have problems with Wi-Fi on a computer? Before looking for a solution you should also see what may be affecting that device. It is possible that the network works perfectly, but it is a failure of that computer, of the system or of any component and that means that it does not work well.

For example, you can check that there is no virus. Also see if the system is updated, the drivers with the latest version and the network card correctly configured. All this could be affecting the signal and should be checked.

Install programs that promise better Internet

This is a mistake you should never make. Have you ever seen an advertisement or a website promoting a supposed program that, when installed, will make your Internet work better? In 99% of cases it will be a scam. No program is really going to improve Wi-Fi. At most you can install applications that help you clean the system and optimize it, but not make the connection go faster.

Therefore, be very careful with this since it is likely that you are installing a virus without realizing it. Do not trust supposed programs that are going to work miracles and with which you will have a higher Internet speed.

As you can see, these are some of the main mistakes to avoid when trying to improve your Wi-Fi. The goal is to improve speed and quality, but never put the security and proper functioning of the devices at risk.

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