Make streams on Twitch more original than anyone else with these changes

If we want our Twitch channel to be attractive, we should not only focus on the content we want to create. It is also important to use a attractive design that, in addition, matches (never better said) with the alerts and notifications so that everything is the same set. If, in addition, we plan to always transmit the same game, much better, since it will allow us to customize both the overlays and the notifications with the same theme, offering a very striking result.

Although it is true that we can create overlays using Photoshop or GIMP completely free of charge, and save the file in PNG or WebP format, if we do not have very clear ideas or our knowledge of both applications is limited, we can resort to one of the following web pages where we can download overlays for twitch free and paid.

place it

Placeit is one of the best known websites in the world of streaming for download and create our own overlays. This website offers us a large number of templates with overlays of all kinds classified by games and other themes, so if our intention is not to broadcast a game, we will also find everything we need to create a frame for our webcam or transmission that meets our needs.

place it

But, in addition, we also have at our disposal a large number of animations to show notifications of new subscribers, followers, donations and others. If you don’t know where to start to create your Twitch channel and your budget is limited, you should give Placeit a try. If we don’t like anything it offers us, we can use the overlay generator to create the design we need.

This website works based on a monthly subscription, however, it allows us to download certain content for free, so it is not necessary to invest a single euro to create our Twitch channel with the best design.


PNGtree is another interesting web page that we have at our disposal to download a large number of overlays, both for the webcam and for the entire image. In addition, it also allows us to download Twitch channel description buttons and a large number of effects to fully customize our channel.

pngtree overlays

Also include a overlay designer, so, based on what we are looking for and with the templates that it makes available to us, we can create the overlays and buttons that we need to become the next promise of Twitch. To enjoy all the features that PNGtree makes available to us, it is necessary to pay a subscription that gives us access to all the content available on the platform, although it is not necessary if we are looking for simple overlays, since it allows us to download content for free. although downloads are limited to 2 a day.


Another interesting website where we can find a large number of overlays in video format It’s Videoezy. On this website we have at our disposal a large number of overlays to download for free, although we can also find paid ones, however, to get started in the world of streaming, with the free ones we will have more than enough.


Unlike Placeit, we can not create or customize available overlays. Nor are we going to find images by video game themes. The videos are available in .mp4 and .mov formats, formats that are not ideal due to the low compression they offer, however, to take the first steps in this world they are more than enough.

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