Make the streets of your city tremble with this portable speaker from Tronsmart

Music is one of the few things that is always with us, it never leaves us. Whether at home, at work, and even in the field, music accompanies us wherever we go. Although when we go alone we usually listen to it with headphones, when we want to share the music with others, it is necessary to have a good speaker at hand. The mobile speakers always sound low and have a quality that leaves much to be desired. Therefore, if we are looking for something with which to feel each note of music, it is essential to bet on a prestigious manufacturer, such as Tronsmart.

Tronsmart is one of the best manufacturers of external speakers, with Bluetooth, that we can find in the market today. This manufacturer is characterized by offering premium quality products, from headphones to listen to music in private to the highest quality speakers to throw the best party.

Tronsmart Bang Mini Party

Tronsmart Bang Mini: the best speaker to always carry with you

Continuing with the evolution and improvement of its products, Tronsmart has just launched its new portable speaker with which to continue being the leader in the premium speaker market: the Bang Mini. This new loudspeaker stands out for having a IPx6 resistancewhich guarantees resistance to powerful jets of water (perfect for use in the pool), as long as we do not submerge it.

Another novelty that we can find in this external speaker is the possibility of connecting two together to create a true stereo effect. In addition, it allows us to connect any device through Bluetooth 5.3, as well as a fast connection through NFC.

Two Tronsmart Bang Mini

Inside we will meet a total of 7 speakers. Of these, 2 are the woofers responsible for achieving thunderous bass with all kinds of music, two tweeters, for medium and high sounds, and three passive radiators responsible for giving power to the sound taking advantage of the pressure generated by the other 4 speakers. In total, we can get up to 50W of sound.

Tronsmart SoundPulse Audio

It should be noted that this external speaker makes use of the Tronsmart SoundPulse Audio technologywhich stands out for:

  • Counteracts harmonic distortion and eliminates noise. In this way we get the voices to be softer and the sound richer.
  • Change the position of the sound, expanding the range to reach all places equally and strengthen the stereo sound effect.
  • It processes bass and treble separately so that the bass vibrates and the treble is heard clearly.

Last but not least, a battery is also hidden inside, thanks to which we are going to get an autonomy of up to 15 hours Of reproduction. And all this is found in a speaker 30 cm long and 2.37 kilos in weight.

Buy at the best price

We can buy this external speaker for an official price of 89.99 dollars, or €99.99 to change to buy it directly in our country. But, until October 13, we can take advantage of the launch offers to get coupons that allow us to save money and get gifts from the Tronsmart Bang Mini Party website.

On this website we can find several codes with which we can save 15% when buying a speaker, 20% if we buy two speakers to use the stereo connection, and even a code to obtain a second speaker completely free of charge.

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