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Changes to improve privacy in WhatsApp

It is a very popular platform and that also means that there may be cybercriminals tracking data or anyone looking for information simply by knowing your phone number. Therefore, trying to improve privacy can be interesting so as not to have problems of any kind.

Hide your information

Something basic that you can do is hide your information. You can put a name or any WhatsApp account information. This is used to identify you. For example, if you are added to a group, what you have posted will appear and the people in that group will be able to quickly identify you and know who you are.

But maybe you want that to be hidden and only your contacts can see it. How can you achieve it? It is very simple. To do this you just have to go to Settings, enter Account, Privacy, Info and there select “My contacts”. You can also configure it so that no one can see that information or your contacts, but with some exceptions.

Don’t show your profile picture

A key factor in privacy when using WhatsApp is the profile picture. If you don’t have it protected, anyone who adds you to their calendar will be able to see who you are and the image you have posted. You can easily hide it and make it only available to your contacts to prevent anyone from seeing it.

To do this you have to go to Settings again, go to Account, Privacy and there select Profile photo. You can set it to be available to everyone, your contacts, or no one. Prevent it from being available to anyone.

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Use temporary messages

An interesting configuration that WhatsApp has and that you can apply at any time is to use temporary messages. Maybe you don’t want your messages to be available indefinitely and that in the future they can see what you said on a specific day and threaten your privacy.

You can go to the Temporary Messages section, within Privacy, and there select a specific duration. By default it is turned off, but you can have chats deleted every 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. In addition, you can choose to activate this option only in certain chats and not in all.

fingerprint lock

This function is very useful to improve privacy and prevent them from reading your conversations if they take your mobile. What it basically does is force put the mark to be able to open WhatsApp. If you don’t want them to be able to read all your conversations easily, this is an option to consider.

It is an interesting measure that more and more programs have. It is also a way to protect security and not have problems. Even if you have an established block on the mobile, it is one more complement.

Do not accept unknown groups

are you in some unknown group what have they gotten into you? It is best that you leave as soon as possible. Hackers can also create these groups solely for the purpose of collecting data from their victims. For example, confirm your name to later launch Phishing attacks.

These types of strategies can compromise your privacy and it is best not to accept unknown groups and leave. That will help you preserve your data and not have problems when using WhatsApp and other similar platforms. It is similar to configuring Telegram for more security.

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