Make these changes so your mail is never stolen

What happens if they steal your mail account? They could have access to many other accounts that you have linked. For example, they could enter your social networks by giving them a password to remember. They could also use it to contact your friends or family and impersonate you.

Changes in the e-mail for security

To avoid all this that we mentioned, it is essential to make sure that you have the well protected email. Therefore, it is key to make some changes that help you enhance that security and avoid many computer attacks. Taking certain precautions will be essential.

put a strong password

The first thing you should do is change password. It is essential that it be a strong, complex, totally secure key. Never put things like your name, date of birth, or phone number. It is essential that it is random, that it has letters, numbers and special symbols. Only then will you achieve total protection.

Also, if you already use a good password, it doesn’t hurt to change it from time to time. That will avoid problems in case of leaks. Putting another password regularly, for example every three months, is a good idea to enhance email security and avoid problems.

Enable two-factor authentication

Regardless of the password you use, it’s a good idea to enable the two step authentication. This configuration allows you to protect an account much more, since to enter you will need a second step, which is usually to enter a code that you receive by SMS, and thus prevent an intruder, even if he knows the access code, from being able to enter.

Not all platforms have this feature, but today most do. For example, Outlook or Gmail are two examples in which you will find the possibility of putting multi-factor authentication and protecting yourself more.

Use another email

Have more than one email? It is a good idea to have several and thus use them when you need greater security. For example, maybe you are going to register on a platform where you have doubts about whether security will be present. Instead of exposing your primary account, you can simply use a secondary email.

An alternative is disposable mailers. Basically they are email accounts that you create and they last a few minutes or a few hours. You can use them for specific things, such as signing up for an online service.

email bombing

Unlink other accounts

On the other hand, another change in the mail for security is unlink possible accounts that you have Maybe you linked records such as social networks and many other platforms at some point. This could become a problem for your security, especially if those keys are exposed.

To avoid problems, what you can do is unlink any email account you have. This will protect you and avoid unnecessary risks in the long term, in case of suffering a computer attack.

As you can see, you can make these changes and adjustments to your email account to improve security. The objective is to be protected against possible attacks and to keep your personal data safe and the proper functioning of the devices.

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