Make using templates easier and faster in LibreOffice

There is no doubt that it is a very striking section for most, since we cannot forget that Office is a paid solution. In addition, we cannot say that the free suite we are talking about has much to envy the one of Microsoft. This is something that the heads of LibreOffice have gradually been getting through the updates they have sent.

With them, it has not only been possible to increase the functionality of the programs that make up the suite, but also the compatibility with the Redmond proposal has been significantly improved. Therefore, most users will be able to use these programs at no cost and without missing the power of the payment proposal. In fact, here we can already find functions for both professional and home users. To give you an idea of ​​all this that we are commenting on, in these lines we are going to talk about an element that will be very useful, the templates.

These elements to which we refer will allow us to save a good amount of time and effort if we use them properly. LibreOffice itself out of the box no longer proposes multiple templates by default so that we can draw on them right out of the box. At the same time, we find functions that will allow us to manage and use these objects more efficiently.

Filter templates by programs

Among those templates that LibreOffice itself proposes and offers us by default, added those that we have added ourselves, we can find many elements of this type. That is why the own Program gives us the possibility of filtering the display of these objects depending on the program for which we need it. This is something that we can achieve through the tool template management.

The first thing we do is load the main LibreOffice interface from which we have the possibility to open the rest of the programs. In the drop-down list of Templates, we find an option called Manage templates. This leads us to a new window in which we can now specify the program for which we want to see the elements of this type available.

Set as default

Another function that allows us to carry out this office suite and that can save us a lot of time, is to set templates as default. This means that every time we open a program here to start working, from the outset, the desktop will be made up of the selected template. To say that the function we are talking about will be very useful if we are normally with a document type concrete. And it is also that here we can use both templates of the program, as well as others downloaded or created by us.

For all this we reopen the manager of these elements that we mentioned earlier. At that time we just have to right-click on the preferred template. In the context menu we can now select it as the default.

default template

Import or export these LibreOffice items

At first the templates are separated into different categories, categories that by the way we can eliminate or create our own. However, if we are not convinced by the distribution that the suite presents us by default, we can always import or export these contents. In this way we will have the possibility to place them in the desired categories, or create new ones to organize ourselves better.

Therefore, from the management window of these objects we only have to select the template with which we want to deal. Next, in the lower part of this window, we find the objects of import or export to move these elements as we wish.

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