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The loading screens of the applications are just as annoying as the credits of the series. Fortunately, all streaming video platforms allow us to skip these titles and go directly to the beginning of the corresponding episode. In the case of applications, some use this loading screen to show different options such as creating a new document or accessing documents we are working on, a starting screen that all it does is prolong the opening time and that for some users it is very useful.

Word, like the rest of the applications that are part of Office, show a default start screen, making the opening process longer, as well as forcing us to interact with the application yes or yes, if we want to start using it. Fortunately, we can reduce charging time both Word, Excel and PowerPoint by deactivating the start screen, a very simple process that we can do by following the steps that we show you below.

Disable Word Start Screen

Windows does not allow you to modify the operation of the applications that are installed, whether they are from the company itself or from third parties, therefore, to deactivate the Word start screen, we will not be able to do it through the Windows configuration options , but we must do it directly from the configuration options of the application. To carry out this action, once we have executed Word, we must access the application settings. Word settings are displayed on the home screen where we can open a previously saved document or create a new document through Optionslocated at the bottom of the left column.

Within the Word options, we go to the tab General and on the right, we access the section boot options. Next, we must uncheck the box Show home screen when app is running and click on Accept.

Delete Start Screen Word

From now on, every time we run Word, a blank page will open directly, thus removing the home screen which, in most cases, makes us waste more time than anything else.

We can also disable this feature in Excel and PowerPoint

The ability to turn off the start screen that is displayed every time you run Excel and PowerPoint is also available in both applications and is in the exact same section, under the Start Screen Options menu, on the General tab, inside the Start Screen Options menu. Startup Options section.

Delete Excel Start Screen

If we regret it and want to see the home screen again, both in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, from the blank sheet that is displayed, click on File to access the home screen of the application and click again on Options. In this menu we must check the box again Show home screen when this app starts and click OK.

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