Make your dream come true and find a job as a graphic designer, that’s how you make yourself known

In our country there is a huge number of professionals and trained people who are looking for work right now, for example, those focused on the graphic design. This is a software sector that has not stopped growing in recent years and is increasingly in demand.

But of course, in parallel with the growing demand that we mentioned, the number of professionals dedicated to this sector is also increasing. Hence, many professionals more than prepared to perform a job in most companies that require a graphic designer, they have it more difficult than a few years ago. But do not despair, as is the case in most sectors of work today. Hence precisely that we can try to carry out certain movements to make things easier.

And it is that when we talk about having things easier, we mean having more possibilities of accessing a new job focused on what we like, graphic design. That is why we are going to talk about a series of platforms where you can show your design work and thus increase our chances of find a job. It must be taken into account that it is quite possible that many companies look at the projects published on specialized sites to locate new workers.

In turn and at the same time, in some cases we will be able to sell our work while making ourselves known as designers. Let’s see some of the most interesting alternatives of this type.

99 designers

First of all, here we find one of the most popular websites that allow you to offer your own designs. We find ourselves with a platform that has been with us for a good number of years and that allows us to offer and advertise our services. Here we will have the possibility of exposing graphic designs belonging to logos, business cards and much more. It is worth mentioning that we can sell our projects directly, or present them for selection in contestsfor example.


One of the most graphic elements required by all types of companies, how could it be otherwise, are the logos. Therefore, if we have interesting ideas in this regard and want to offer them to the rest of the world in order to find a job sooner, this platform is an excellent option. It is interesting to note that here we have the chance to receive awards for our projects and thus make ourselves known to all types of companies seeking professionals in the sector. It is evident that, if we are lucky and creative, the chances of to find a job they increase considerably.

Design Contest

What better way to publicize our graphic design work than through a contest that is held. Precisely for all this is the platform that we are going to talk about below. It is a website in which we have the possibility to participate in different contests and compete with others graphic designers to publicize our personal projects. Here it is the participants themselves who lay the foundations of said contest so that different clients can access in search of new workers or designs.

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