Make your table a total mat with these Sharkoon SKILLER

In any gaming ecosystem, the mouse pad is an indispensable peripheral to guarantee not only the best performance of the mouse sensor, but also the greatest comfort so as not to suffer from fatigue or pain after prolonged gaming sessions. Now the manufacturer Sharkoon takes this one step further with the launch of its new floor mats SKILLER SGP30 Big Hex and 1337 V2 Big, mats that stand out for their immense dimensions that reach 1.2 meters wide, and whose objective is to completely cover the desktop.

PC mats come in many different sizes, which are generally different depending on the manufacturer; However, if they have something in common, it is that the extra wide mats are known as Extended, and they aim to cover almost the entire desktop. However, these mats are usually 90 centimeters wide, and are small on large desks, so Sharkoon has got to work to avoid this, and these two new mats that we talk about next are designed, of course , for larger tables.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGP30 Bix Hex, modern design mat

With a colossal size of 120 x 60 centimeters, this mat is designed to cover the entire user’s desktop to the point that we will even have to place the monitor on top of it. Of course, it is a mousepad designed with top quality materials, with natural rubber on the base to prevent accidental slipping and with micro fiber on the upper area to ensure the best performance of the mouse, whatever its sensor.

In addition to this, Sharkoon has taken into account that if this mat is used to cover the entire table, accidents may happen, so it has applied a treatment on the surface that makes it liquid repellent, so that if a drink is spilled, the liquid does not penetrate inside and we can easily clean and dry it without spoiling.

This Sharkoon SKILLER SGP30 Big Hex has a 3mm thickness, so it is quite soft and that favors greater comfort by being able to rest the wrist on a soft surface, promoting less fatigue in long gaming sessions. This comfort is enhanced by its stitched edges, which in turn gives it greater durability.

If you want to buy this mat, you already have it available at the main manufacturer’s outlets (such as Amazon) at a recommended retail price of 27.99 Euros.

SKILLER SGP30 1337 V2 Big, designed to last

Sharkoon 1337 V2 Big

This other model also has dimensions of 120 x 60 centimeters, although its thickness is reduced to 2.5 mm so it is less padded than the previous one. In the same way, this model lacks the stitched edges but instead has been laser cut, so it will never fray, partly because the surface is not textile but a synthetic material that is very soft to the touch and valid for all kinds of mice, be they optical or laser.

This one-piece design does not mean that it does not have an anti-slip rubber base, like the previous one, and it also has a water-repellent and very durable surface treatment, so you can be calm if you are spill some liquid on it while you play because it will not penetrate inside and you can clean it or put it in the washing machine without fear of spoiling.

In this case, the SKILLER SGP30 1337 V2 Big is also already available in the main stores, but at a somewhat cheaper price: 19.99 Euros.

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