Make your telework more efficient with the new Trust peripherals

Trust is a renowned manufacturer that has always stood out for having a wide range of solutions for all kinds of needs, from teleworking, as is the case today, to gaming, always with its seal of quality and at more than competitive prices. . For this reason and since no one wants to spend more money than the account when buying products for teleworking, you can see that the brand’s new devices are really affordable.

Trust peripherals optimized for teleworking

Trust teleworking peripherals

To work optimally and above all efficiently, it is necessary to have peripherals that provide good comfort so as not to suffer fatigue at the end of the day and, in addition, that are agile so that users are not wasting time on trifles. For this, Trust has presented the set Cousin 4 in 1, which offers all the necessary accessories to carry out any type of task that you need in your telework. This pack consists of a mouse, a keyboard, headphones and a mousepad, all of them specially designed to work from home.

The keyboard, designed from scratch for this pack, has very quiet switches, folding legs to improve its ergonomics and also has a splash-resistant design (since it is made of membrane), which makes it a more than adequate tool for the telecommuting. For its part, the mouse is wireless and ambidextrous design, with an adjustable optical sensor of up to 1,600 DPI sensitivity. The mouse pad has an optimized texture for handling any type of mouse and, finally, the headphones with an integrated microphone have stereo sound and are optimized for video conferencing and calls.

The price of this pack is 24.99 euros, and very soon we will be able to find it in stores.

If, in addition to a keyboard, mouse, headphones and mousepad, you also need a webcam, Trust has the perfect product for you: the Trust Tolar, a Full HD webcam at 30 FPS with USB connection and that is optimized for video conferencing via Skype and Zoom. As it has a USB connection, it does not need any configuration, and it also has a hinged clip mechanism that will allow you to have it on the table, on the frame of any monitor or you can even anchor it to a mobile arm as it also integrates a 1 / 4 standard.

Its recommended price is 34.99 euros And like the Primo pack, it will soon be available in stores.

Trust Bayo

We finally have the new mouse Trust Bayo, featuring a vertical design and a unique appearance thanks to the integration of configurable RGB LED lighting. It has an ergonomically designed design for right-handed users and, being vertical, it favors the natural position of the wrist and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Bayo connects to the PC wirelessly (it includes a USB dongle for this) and is equipped with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries. It will be available very soon for a suggested retail price of 34.99 euros.

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