Make your Top Nine for Instagram without watermark or passwords

In just a few hours we will end this year 2021. And as has happened in other years, surely you are interested in knowing what your Most successful posts on Instagram during this season. Every year, the Internet fills with applications and websites that live only on this curiosity. In this post we are going to show you the easiest way to make this top, whether you have an Android device or if you use an iPhone. And all, without putting your privacy at risk. Go for it.

The Top Nine or Best Nine is a top with the nine images that more likes have had on Instagram for the year. Through applications or web services, we obtain a unique image that includes that top that we can upload to Instagram and share it with our followers.

As we have told you, there are a lot of services to do it, but this does not mean that it is positive. We must be very careful when putting our data in a third-party application. The application that we have chosen allows us to make the image without having to link the application to our Instagram account. However, at the end of the post we show you an alternative in case you prefer to use it.

How to make your Best Nine 2021

After looking a bit at the panorama of web applications and services to make this famous top, the option that we liked the most is BestGrid. This app is available in both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. It has a lot of publicity, but it has several advantages over all the others, and that is why it is our favorite.

The first advantage of all is that we will not have to enter our username and password to get the result. We will download it, we will get a first advertisement and it will ask us to enter the username of our account. We can place ours or that of another profile without any problems. Once that is done, the program will take its time obtaining the instagram data and will form a 3 by 3 photo matrix with the most successful posts from the account we have established.

At the bottom you can choose the style of the grid and a multitude of details to customize your Top Nine. Disadvantages? Several. First, the application will show you a watermark in the lower right corner of the grid. You can remove marking in «No Watermark» in exchange for displaying an ad. The same happens when exporting. You can choose between buying the Pro version (which fully unlocks all the app’s options) or seeing one or two ads again. You will lose a bit of time, but you will make sure that nobody gets access to your data, which is not bad either.

Oh, and a little trick. If you want save some time, remove the watermark by viewing the first ad and then perform a screenshot. Nobody will know.

Are there more ways?

Yes, in fact, one of the applications that are being used the most this year is Best nine, also available for iPhone and Android. You can use it if you prefer, since it is another of the applications that we consider safe. Of course, you will have to put your username and password in the application.

Once you finish and export your top 9, do not forget to revoke the permissionss of the application from Instagram by going to Settings, Security, Active Applications and check the option Remove on the authorization of Top Nine.

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