Make your videos look without jumps or cuts on the PC with this trick

When we are about to play a video on our computer, most of the time we expect everything to happen normally. That is to say, that the player shows us that content without jumps or unexpected stops. Obviously, for all this to occur, different factors come into play that directly affect all of this. At the same time here it is also very important, in the event that we have somewhat limited storage units, that the video does not occupy more than expected. And it is that on certain occasions these files they have an enormous size that ballasts the free space on our PC drives.

What causes the jumps in the videos and its solutions

As we have told you before, a multitude of factors influence here that can make the reproduction of these videos not the most appropriate. The first thing we must take into account is to have a sufficiently powerful computer in terms of processor and RAM memory. This is something that obviously becomes very important if we are going to work with high definition videos and especially long ones.

In the event that our computer is somewhat limited or old to play videos on high definition or 4K, it is most likely that the dreaded jumps will occur when loading the file in the player. So perhaps what we should do in this case is try to get that content, but at a lower quality and using less disk space. Of course, there are also cases in which this nasty error is caused by the file itself. It may have been encoded in the wrong way, causing those jumps and cuts while we’re playing it.

In this situation we can do little, just try to get another copy of the content that has not been damaged for this reason. At the same time we should opt to use a reliable enough media player and stable for these contents. There are plenty to choose from here, though most users go for VLC.

normalize audio

It should be noted that this is an application that, among many other things, stands out for the reliability that it provides us in the reproduction of audio and video content. At the same time, it is compatible with most of the formats of these current multimedia contents. It should also be said that it is suitable for both novice and more advanced users, all thanks to the enormous number of parameters that it allows us. configure and customize. That is precisely why it is one of the most used options both on desktop computers and on mobile devices to play these files that we are talking about without any problem.

Reduce the size of media files

Another serious problem that we can find with these media files What we are commenting on is that its size is too large. This is something that can cause us some serious inconveniences when executing or dealing with that content. The first reason is quite obvious, and it is that it will consume excessive space in our disk drives. We are talking about the fact that these files sometimes occupy several gigabytes, which can become a serious space problem.

But that’s not all, at the same time a file with these characteristics that occupies several gigabytes, can present us with some playback problems. This means that when we load it into the corresponding program for its displaycrashes in the application or annoying cuts and jumps can occur.

However, and despite the inconveniences that this can cause us when playing multimedia content, it is worth mentioning that we can solve this error quickly and easily. We tell you this because we will always have the opportunity to use some software specially indicated for decrease quality and resolution of these videos. Obviously, all of this is accompanied by a significant reduction in the space that it will occupy on the hard drive, and thus we also avoid potential playback problems.

A clear example of all this can be found in the application called Simple Video Compressor. Here we find a powerful free program focused on this type of task that we are talking about. Once we have downloaded and installed it on the PC, all we have to do is load the content in the program that we want to reduce in size.

Simple Video Compressor

One of the main advantages of this software solution that we mentioned to you is its ease of use. Once we have loaded the corresponding video, all we have to do is specify the format and compression rate that we want to apply to it. Depending on the power of our equipment and the File size In itself, this is a process that will take a few seconds or a few minutes to return the desired file to us.

Improve video compatibility

Another of the potential problems that we can find with these multimedia contents is that they are not compatible with our software. This means that we can find a certain video that, when trying to play it in our favorite player, is not compatible. The truth is that today this is something quite unusual, since the current programs of this type are trained to work with most of the formats of the moment.

But as with most software-related fields, there may be certain exceptions. For example, the file may have come to us from some other source that used an unpopular format. As in the previous cases, here we also have a fairly fast and effective solution.

For all this we can use one of the many video converters that we have at our disposal in Internet. Many users look for free and simple solutions, as well as effective ones to carry out this type of task. Therefore, if we want to convert a video file to a more common format like MP4 or AVI, we can opt for the application called Any Video Converter Free.

Video Converter

As you can imagine, here we also find a very simple and affordable application for the majority of users. It is true that, for example, the software giant Adobe offers us much more advanced and professional programs related to this video content. Here we will have greater control over the compression wave conversion of these contents. But in addition to being paid, they are quite complicated to use for most.

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