Making the leap to a smartwatch with Wear OS 3 will not be easy

Wear OS 3 and hardware compatibility

The Apple Watch is one of the few products that almost any Android user would like to have. Although not the watch itself, an equivalent that allows you to enjoy an experience as similar to the one that iPhone users have enjoyed for years. And it is certainly unrivaled for integration, available applications, etc.

That is why, possibly, the announcement of Wear OS 3 it caught the attention of many. Also, the new version of the system It will come from the hand of Google itself and Samsung, who had come together to work side by side on the design of the experience. So there is a lot of hope that those who use an Android phone will finally start to have a proposal that really offers all those options and potential that are known to be there.


Well, until we know more details about the system, news, etc., the important thing right now is that Google has given some more information about how it plans to carry out this version jump. And, above all, what will happen to those watches that are currently on Wear OS 2, can they update to Wear OS 3? Will they lose functions?

By parts, Smartwatches with Wear OS 2 will be able to update, but not all The models. The processor used in many of them is almost three years old and that limits the experience, so only some recent TicWatch models such as the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, Pro 3 LTE and E3 will be able to install the new system.

For this update, it does seem that it will be necessary to reset the clock. So let’s see how Google manages so that the data recorded so far is not lost. Although it is still a sacrifice that we will be willing to assume in order to enjoy the supposed improvements that will come.

Will there be more Wear OS smartwatches making the jump to the new version? Well, there will still be a bit of a mystery here, it is possible that during the next few weeks some brands will give more information related to this, but get to the idea that if you want to enjoy the new version to the fullest, you will have to buy a new watch.

When Wear OS 3 is coming

Wear OS 3 is scheduled to arrive later this year. It will do so together with the new proposals for smart watches that will surely come signed by Samsung or Fossil (owned by Google).

About current updates with Wear OS 2 that are supported by your hardware, these will not arrive until mid 2022. So it is very likely that many decide directly to buy a new watch and that’s it.

Is it worth buying a watch with Wear OS now?

Good question and surely the answer is no. Because unless you are very clear about your needs, you know how you want to use it and you have located a good offer, the truth is that knowing that the new generations of clocks and operating systems are so close, it is better to wait a little longer.

This is not like getting an Applw Watch, which you know will update to the new version of watchOS in the fall. But if you still want to get a smart watch, even if they don’t have Wear OS, if we had to buy one it would be one of these smart watches for less than 150 euros.

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