Malaga is in fashion: Intrum will open a center of excellence in technology in Mijas

The fintech, Intrum, has chosen Malaga to open a new center of excellence. The space, located in a central area of ​​the capital, plans to incorporate a total of 200 professionals specialized in IT development and Data Science throughout 2022. The capital of the Costa del Sol thus adds a new player to its ICT ecosystem, which is becoming in one of the largest in Spain.

The creation of this new location serves the purpose of the company to become a truly global organization, more efficient and customer-focused. His objective is to leave behind the concept of multilocal business and apply a more global, digital, simplified, scalable business model that drives growth in the 25 countries in Europe and Latin America where Intrum is present. A process for which innovation and the exploitation of data analytics are two fundamental tools.

Stand out in the market by offering innovative solutions that adapt to the current and future needs of our clients and partners, and that are in line with new technological developments in the market. And this is precisely what we do at Intrum: strengthen our global capabilities and continue to transform and innovate, reinforcing the company’s commitment to digitization, the application of artificial intelligence and data analysis. This new center represents the transformation model that we want and, therefore, we seek to have the best to achieve it“, Concludes Anders Engdahl, CEO of the Intrum Group.

The new Center of Excellence will serve the entire organization globally. This shows Intrum’s double commitment to Malaga, where just a few months ago it inaugurated in Mijas a benchmark operating center in sustainability, technology and innovation, to support Intrum’s markets in the Nordic countries.

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The innovative and business nature of Malaga, and the good connection with other European cities, have led us to open these two strategic locations for the Group, both with open contracting processes. We are committed to incorporating the best talent and we are sure that Malaga is the perfect location to achieve it. From Intrum, for our part, we will offer a challenging project, continuous development and a firm commitment to achieve a more sustainable economy “, indicates José Luis Bellosta, CEO of Intrum in Spain.

Thus, apart from the 250 positions of specialized telephone agents with an international profile (English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish) in recruitment process for the center of Mijas, Intrum is also now actively looking for new professionals to fill the hundred vacancies in IT development, and the same number of specialists in data science –Data Science-, as required by the Center of Excellence in Technology.

A center for learning in the center of Malaga

To get the most out of the data, we need create a Center of Excellence where people can grow professionally. To achieve this, we will bet on talented people who will be given the opportunity to develop their full potential, learn from the best and obtain formal and informal training, providing them with an enriching experience. Malaga, with its university and the diversity of collectives and technological initiatives, is the ideal place for this. We are committed to creating a team with local roots, but also able to access the many international opportunities of a leading group in Europe like Intrum”, Points out Luca Zuccoli, Chief Data & Analytics Officer of Grupo Intrum.

The management tools and analysis of large amounts of information They are allowing Intrum to generate more individualized services, improving the customer experience, as well as having a more comprehensive view of management and identifying market trends, maximizing the competitiveness, performance and productivity of the company’s resources. Hence, Intrum is reinforcing its commitment to this branch of innovation, along with the development of other new transformative services and applications.

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