Man dies after receiving euthanasia; it is the first case in Madrid

Javier Serrano, a man diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (THE A), died on Wednesday morning after receiving euthanasia, which became the first case within the Madrid’s community, Spain.

The events occurred in the home of the 58-year-old patient and he was assisted by a medical team from the October 12 Hospital from the Spanish capital. According to the agency EFE the assisted death process was carried out as planned, without any incident occurring.

After four long months waiting for euthanasia, he was finally able to receive it accompanied by his family. The Guarantee and Evaluation Committee was the institution in charge of receiving and evaluating the request for Javier.

Javier could no longer bear the pain

He barely received the green light from the Committee, Javier Serrano He asked for euthanasia to be applied this Wednesday, because he could not bear the pain, which he said, was getting stronger every day:

“I didn’t want to wait any longer, I can’t take it anymore. The pains are brutal, each day that passes they are worse and I can no longer bear them even with morphine. So tomorrow, day 3, the consulting doctor, the neurologist and two nurses will come. It will be here at my house. I think there are four injections, “he mentioned during an interview for the chain BE.

Knowing that he was going to get rid of so much pain made him enter a shock of emotions, because on the one hand he was no longer going to suffer, as he assured that he was losing faculties; however, he mentioned that he was sad to leave people who love him.

The positive part also lay, he said, in having opened the door for other people who require this measure to have no problem obtaining it as a last resort.

On March 24, 2021, the euthanasia regulation law was approved and on October 6, the Madrid’s community approved the decree that regulates the registration of health professionals who conscientiously object to aid in dying, as well as the Guarantee and Evaluation Commission, an essential requirement before approving this type of procedure.


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