Manage your PC remotely and recover your files with these programs on sale for Black Friday

SupRemo: manage PC remotely

It is a software that allows us to access remote computers with great ease. Whether we are a company and we want to solve problems for our clients, connect to our desk remotely if we are not at home, or to help other family members, with SupRemo we can do it.

The truth is that it is an extremely simple program, since it does not require any type of installation as it is a portable program, it is also multiplatform, which will allow us to connect indistinctly from a Windows, Mac or Linux from any operating system, even from a iPhone or Android.

In addition, its rates are more than affordable compared to any other program of its kind. And now even more, thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals.

Uranium Backup: Backups

It is another software from the same developer as SupRemo. We can have the Backups that we want, since they will be programmed automatically without us even having to enter the program. If something fails, it will notify us through the alerts, and we will have technical assistance whenever we need it, as it is included in the offer price.

We can back-up files and folders found on our computer, as well as images, mail, databases and even virtual machines. These copies will be hosted wherever we decide, either locally through hard drives, NAS, or cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Azure or even Amazon S3.

Uranium Backup interface

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discounts

First of all, there is a 21-day trial period in which we can test the application without any financial commitment, although with some limited functions. In case you want to opt for the discounts, there is a promotion available between November 22 and 29, on the occasion of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday of 25% discount on both programs.

But how can I qualify for these discounts? That easy. First of all, to make a purchase on the website, it is necessary to register in the corresponding section. Once you have selected the products you need, you must click on BUY NOW, and confirm the purchase from 11/22/2021 to 11/29/2021, Spanish time. Once on the purchase screen, you must enter the code BLACKFRIDAY21 on the payment page, and once the code has been received, in the respective software or program, activate the license whenever you want.

If you want to discover new remote control solutions or are looking for a solution to protect your data in a safe and reliable way, do not miss the offer to buy, renew or update SupRemo and Uranium Backup licenses at a special price.

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