Managed cybersecurity, an opportunity for MSPs

Managed cybersecurity is an opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs), as it is an area that is increasingly valued by businesses. In addition, these figures are enhancing their value offering services around enterprise protection that they can help monitor.

It can be difficult to find a specific definition of managed cybersecurity, since there are many approaches and perspectives. However, the most accurate is the one that establishes all the tasks that are carried out for to keep the systems and networks of an organization safe.

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Among the tasks performed in a managed cybersecurity environment is the identity management and environments within the organization; monitoring and updating equipment, servers and applications to stay protected; the detection and mitigation of all of them in the face of any threat or security breach that may occur.

To face these challenges, service providers (MSPs) can use different solutions to which they can add a layer of value-added services. From anti-ransomware technologies, firewalls, solutions compliance or backup management, or options for intrusion detection or disaster recovery, among others.

Benefits of managed cybersecurity

Managed cybersecurity offers a number of important benefits for companies that decide to hire external security protection and management services. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Quality of service: By hiring a company specialized in managed cybersecurity, you have access to highly trained professionals with experience in the field. These experts stay up to date on the latest security threats and trends, ensuring a level of knowledge and skills higher than any company could achieve on its own.
  2. Efficiency: Managed cybersecurity allows security actions to be carried out in an easier, faster and automated way. The companies that offer these services have advanced tools and technologies that facilitate the detection, prevention and response to cyber threats. This improves operational efficiency and minimizes response time in case of security incidents.
  3. Cost reduction: By opting for managed cybersecurity, companies can save significant costs compared to maintaining security in-house. There is no need to invest in hiring and training additional security personnel or purchasing and maintaining specialized software and hardware. Managed cybersecurity service providers often have agreements with manufacturers, which allows them to offer solutions at more competitive prices.
  4. Increased competitiveness: By outsourcing cybersecurity and reducing costs, companies can invest those saved resources in other key areas of their business. This can contribute to the company’s overall growth and competitiveness, whether through improving products and services, expanding into new markets, or implementing strategic initiatives.

In summary, managed cybersecurity offers a number of significant benefits for end customers and MSPs alike. By hiring specialized external services, companies can gain stronger protection against cyber threats and focus on their core business without compromising the security of their data and systems.

We invite you to discover everything an MSP should know about managed cybersecurity and thus explore this business full of opportunities. Do not miss it!

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