Many series and movies are not on the new Netflix plan; this trick allows you to see the missing ones

Depending on the number of people we plan to use the service simultaneously, we will opt for one or the other. Here the price also comes into play, how could it be otherwise, or the catalog of available titles. In this case, we want to focus on the new plan that Netflix has just made available to us. The main difference that we find here and that justifies its price drop with respect to the rest of the plans, is that this subscription model includes advertising.

This is something that has been talked about for a long time corresponding to the big N platform. And it has finally arrived in our country and many others for those who want to make a lower outlay, even if they find ads on the platform itself Of video. To give you an idea, we can enjoy this new model with ads for a price of 5.49 eurossomewhat lower compared to the basic plan which is 7.99 euros.

Therefore, in the event that we want to save a few euros per month despite the inconvenience of advertising, this Netflix subscription model may be interesting for you. Of course, first of all, we must take into account another limitation that we are going to find in this case. And there is series and movies available in the rest of the plans, which we will not be able to reproduce in this cheap modality.

How to watch the movies and series that are missing on Netflix with ads

This means that there are certain titles, some of them quite well known, to which we will not have access in this mode with ads. Therefore, if we are especially interested in a series or movie, perhaps we should first check if it will be available in this new modality. The same could happen in the event that we are looking for a certain title and we do not find it once the most affordable subscription.

Precisely for all this, below we are going to show you a simple trick that allows you to check the series and movies that are available, or not, in the new Netflix subscription model. For this we only have to access the platform that many of you surely know called JustWatch.

The truth is that for a long time on many occasions we have used this platform to, among other things, check the services in which we can watch certain series or movies. Well, at this point it’s worth knowing that the people behind JustWatch have added a new icon that distinguishes between the cheap mode with ads of Netflix, and the rest of the subscription models.

In this way we can consult any title that interests us especially in order to see first-hand if it is available in the new plan, or not.

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