Marco Rubio asks to veto Honor, could he have the same fate as Huawei?

Those of you who read us daily already know the problems that Huawei is going through due to the veto of the United States, in fact, the Chinese company decided to get rid of Honor, its second brand, to avoid that it could suffer the same fate, that is, to prevent it from also being included in the black list of that country.

The play went well for him. Huawei has suffered a major blockage for a long time, and cannot access semiconductor factories that use state-of-the-art processes. You also may not use US software or technologies. Unless you get an approval license, and it has so many limitations that you are not even allowed to purchase Snapdragon SoCs with 5G modems.

The fact is that the Republican Party of the United States he doesn’t seem to like it that Honor has managed to escape a possible veto. This is, at least, what the words of the Republican Senator Marco Rubio indicate, who has called on the Biden Administration to introduce Honor to the blacklist on which, as we said, Huawei has been for a long time.

According to Rubio, Honor is an “arm” of the Chinese Government that it has access to the technology that has been denied to Huawei, and assures that when it got rid of its second brand it only did so to avoid the control of the United States. In his view, if an appropriate response is not given, the United States Department of Commerce risks setting a dangerous precedent, and is implying to its opponents that it lacks the ability, or the will, to punish actions. of an authoritarian regime, in direct reference to the Chinese Government.

Neither Honor nor the United States Department of Commerce wanted to comment on the matter, and Huawei has not wanted to make any mention either, although it maintains what it said on previous occasions, that after the split they have nothing to do with Honor anymore.

This is not the first time that the Republican party has asked for Honor to be blacklisted in the United States, but with the Democratic party in government we believe that this will not happen, at least for now. If in the next elections there is a change of government and the Republicans send again Honor may no longer be able to dodge that fatal fate.

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