Mark Cerny will take care of PS6 hardware, according to a new rumor

Over the past few months we have seen numerous reports suggesting that Sony could launch PS6 between the end of 2027 and the middle or end of 2028dates that make a lot of sense since they would leave PS5 with an individual life cycle of 8 years, although its total life cycle would be longer since it would have to coexist with PS6 for a minimum of two years.

We have also seen reports that take it almost for granted that Sony will move from PS5 Proand will focus all its efforts on the development and launch of PS6a console that will be a new generation model and that will mean a really important evolution compared to the current model, which would not be possible with PS5 Pro due to cost and compatibility issues.

Although there is still nothing officially confirmed, new rumors from sources within the industry have reaffirmed everything we have just told you, since they reiterate that Sony will launch PS6 in 2028 and that there will not be a PS5 Pro. They also indicate that Mark Cerny has been chosen to take care of the hardware of this new consolewhich means that Sony would be happy with the work it did with PS5.

Does all this make sense? It is a question that I have already asked myself on more than one occasion, and I maintain my position, it does make sense because PS5 has a more balanced hardware than PS4, and therefore should age better than said console. However, this does not mean that it will not show signs of exhaustion, in fact the opposite is true, we have already seen them in some titles and it has become clear that ray tracing is too great for the current generation of consoles.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that PS5 is beginning to live now a second youth, its sales are skyrocketing, its availability is increasing and Sony has not had to lower the price of the console for the interest in it to be enormous. Curiously, the opposite has happened, the price has risen by 50 euros and has not had the slightest problem.

Sony could cover that five-year margin until the arrival of PS6 with a new cheaper model of PS5and could face the final stretch with other price drops that would keep said console interesting despite the fact that it would already be in the twilight of its useful life cycle.

It will be interesting to see what hardware Cerny decides to mount on that PS6. Since we’re still a few years away It’s hard to estimate but the most logical would be a system with 32 GB of unified memory, a Radeon RDNA5 graphics and a processor based on the Zen 5 or Zen 6 architecture. Will this processor have more than 8 cores and 16 threads? It can, although I am more inclined to think of an increase in IPC and frequencies than in greater parallelization.

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