Mark Gurman explains the “timing” expected to complete the transition Apple Silicon

Since Craig Federighi made known to the whole world the Apple Silicon project, from the basement of Apple Park, the company is working tirelessly to complete its goal. And without a doubt it will fulfill it, seeing the cruising speed that said project takes.

One of the most important transformations in all of Apple’s history. That all the computers that the company sells stop carrying Intel processors, and switch to the new ones ARM chips designed exclusively for Apple, like the famous already M1. When they presented the first Macs with this processor, the company assured us that in two years all the change in its computer catalog would be completed.

Mark Gurman He has just published on his well-known Bloomberg blog the intentions that Apple has with its Apple Silicon project. When the company presented the project by surprise at WWDC20, a year ago, Federighi explained to us that this evolution of all Apple Macs from Intel to ARM would be finished in two years.

All ARM Macs for November 2022

And Gurman has just confirmed that «timing«. It’s been a year since then, and the M1 processor is already present in the entry-level MacBook Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 24-inch iMac. The first models were launched in November 2020, so there is still time until November 2022 for Apple to deliver on its promise.

He also explains on his blog that new MacBook Pros with new “M1X” processors will be released in the coming months, followed by a new high-end Mac mini. Leave for 2022 what is pending for the company to finish the change: An iMac larger than the current 24-inch, and finally a new Mac Pro with a ARM superprocessor.

As the Mac Pro will be the last to emigrate to Apple Silicon, Gurman points out that the company in the meantime will update the current model for one still with an Intel processor, specifically the Intel Ice Lake Xeon W-3300.

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