MarsEdit hits version 4.5 adding media sync with WordPress

One of the few applications (there really isn’t much variety on the market) that we have at our disposal. we write in blogsIf we don’t want to do it directly via the web, it’s MarsEdit, which together with IA Writer and Ulysses complete this reduced list of applications.

However, these applications they don’t usually get along quite wellEspecially with WordPress, although the developers do everything possible to make the relationship more bearable. In this sense, Red Sweater has launched a new update of the MarsEdit application, with it reaching version 4.5 adding a very interesting functionality.

With version 4.5 of MarsEdit, we are finally going to have at our disposal access to each and every one of the images stored on the server (as long as it is by WordPress).

So far, we only had access to the images that we had uploaded through this application to the server where the blog is hosted. This has been possible thanks to the update of the WordPress API that now supports the download of a complete list of published media files.

For now, non-WordPress blogs they will still face the same problem, having access only to images that are uploaded to the server through the app, however, Red Sweater claims that they are working to offer media syncing where possible.

This is the main novelty offered by the MarsEdit application in its version 4.5 but it is not the only one, since interaction improvements have also been added in the blogs managed by WordPress in addition to performance improvements in the application and various bugs have been fixed.

MarsEdit is available for your download for free but it requires a license to take advantage of all the functions that it makes available to us.

MarsEdit 4 - Blog Editor (AppStore Link)

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