Marvel Christmas funkos: yes, they exist, and these are the best

Christmas is here, with the polvorones, the nougat, the tree, the Nativity scene … And the Funkos! The Funko pop they have been a very helpful gift during these dates. This 2021, the brand has launched a new Holiday line. This year’s edition includes many characters from Disney, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. In this post, we will tell you about the dolls of Marvel friendliest who are part of this new collection that has just been launched.


funko pop thor christmas cookie

This time, it seems that Thor himself has taken the hammer. It is one of the few funkos in the collection that has lost three-dimensionality. Specifically, it is converted into a Ginger cookie. Hopefully this particular one is not plastic, because it is to be eaten.


groot marvel funko pop christmas

If they had made a Funko of Groot turned into a gingerbread cookie, it would not have seemed far-fetched to us either. But instead, the poor guy has been given a colored light strip and a star in the coconut. It is undoubtedly one of the funniest figures in the entire Marvel collection.

From Groot, by the way, there are two different models. In addition to the model with the bow, there is another perched on a pot shaped as a gift.

Captain America

funko pop snowman captain america christmas

The snowmen They are also very Christmas, and if not, tell this poor thing Captain America. Or as it says on the box, “Cap Snowman.”


thanos funko pop holiday

Thanos has not been too invaded by the Christmas spirit, so don’t expect to wear him dressed as Santa Claus or anything like that. Nor has he put lights and garlands on his infinity gauntlet. Instead, just He has put on the typical Christmas wool sweater that… they are horrible, but they sell very well at this time.


funko spiderman jersey christmas

The same thing goes Spider-Man. By the way, what these types of sweaters are ugly, not only we say. The doll itself is called “Spider-Man Ugly Sweater»For something.


Our favorite antihero has parked the katanas on his back and gone to the candy canes.

There is also another version much more kawaii in which the character is cook dress And she’s taking the turkey out of the oven for Christmas dinner. So cute.


funko pop hulk christmas

The green mutant he doesn’t relax even with Christmas carols. Surely he is furious because this year, again they are not going to put the PlayStation 5. Anyone convinces him that there is no stock of the console.


funko rocket holiday

Marvel’s humanoid raccoon is not going to put down the gun during these dates either, but he is willing to soar through the snows with his christmas look on a whole futuristic sled.

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