Marvel Studios is developing Licantropus for Disney Plus

Another Marvel comic book character is preparing to arrive on Disney Plus and it will be thanks to a Halloween special that Lycanthropus (Werewolf by Night) will become a series of Marvel Studios.

Victim of an ancient curse that turns him into a werewolf, Lycanthropus it first appeared in 1972 in Marvel Spotlight, to then return in other publications alongside Morbius, Doctor Strange and Moon Knight.

Marvel Studios is preparing to launch Licantropus on Disney Plus

Marvel Studios are developing a Halloween special for Disney Plus that will feature as the protagonist, according to The Wrap Lycanthropus (Werewolf by Night), with the studio looking for a 30-year-old Latino actor to play the character.

There are two versions of the character in the Marvel comics. The first is Jack Russell, victim of an ancient family curse that has seen him fight for years against his bestial alter-ego, managing over time to defeat his inner demons and to use superhuman powers to fight the dark forces.

While the other version is called Jake Gomez, a 17-year-old boy whose family is part of a Native American Hopi tribe and has been cursed with lycanthropy. His story sees him fighting a pharmaceutical industry that exploits the members of his tribe.

At the moment it is not known which version of the character will come to life in the series, although the rumors on the casting point more to the version of Jake Gomez.

The show is expected to begin production in early 2022, with the hope that it will arrive on the Disney platform for Halloween that same year.

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